Online social media marketing training courses.

Social Media Marketing Training

Social media marketing training is a way to develop professional strategies. Instead of operating by guesswork, you develop a pragmatic but sophisticated plan to reach your online audience. Online courses in social media marketing are potentially valuable for many different types of people, including:

  • Students or job seekers looking to gain an in-demand set of skills
  • Business owners who want to develop or extend online marketing campaigns
  • Media and marketing professionals wanting to gain specialised skills and qualifications
  • Social media managers wanting to try new platforms or gain some new insights
  • Newbies to social media who want to learn the ropes quickly.

Social Media College

Sydney’s Social Media College provides a way for Australian and international students to do some serious social media training. The College’s fully online course has been designed by social media experts. It is interactive, project-based and works through all the major social media platforms.

The 12-week program fills a gap in the social media training landscape. There are free online courses available. However, these can be hard slog to get through and you don’t receive a nationally accredited qualification at the end.

The training program covers the sort of things you might do at university a part of a communications or marketing degree. However, it is designed for people who want to study social media specifically. It is also more rigorous and cutting edge in the field than the average university course. The diploma program is recommended by Online Study Australia as the top social media training course.


As a guideline, students of the online social media marketing course can finish the 12 modules at the rate of 1 per week. The course is self-paced though, meaning you can take more or less time according to personal requirements.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media
  2. Social Media Business Objectives and Building your Brand Voice
  3. Mastering Your Personal Brand
  4. Content Marketing and Blogging Strategy and Execution
  5. Facebook Strategy and Execution
  6. Twitter Strategy and Execution
  7. LinkedIn Strategy and Execution
  8. Google+ & Youtube Strategy and Execution.
  9. Instagram & Pinterest Strategy and Execution
  10. Niche Platform Strategy & Execution
  11. Social Media Measurement & Benchmarks
  12. Email Marketing Strategy and Execution.